I cannot name aaaaall the people who helped me throughout my last field season here in Kenya…


in every respect.

and most important – always with a smile in their faces 🙂

first of all my core field assistants Ireene, Ann & Soi who where there for me 24h for several months. from as early as 4 in the morning (why do stonechats start singing before all other birds do???)… ‘til late at night… just to sleep for a few hours. often we did not know where we gonna stay at night since we had to travel far distances… but they felt comfortable with everything – from leaky tents during rain storms to quite ‘interesting’ hotels in nowhere…

I guess I should mention one repeating sentence of Soi:

“Your success is our Happiness!”

… and we all laughed.

I am so grateful for getting to know them.

but certainly there where soooooo many other aspects. encounters. friendships…

just to name a few

Wilberforce, our guide in Kakamega Forest, who has an incredible knowledge of all wildlife and plants especially in regard to medicine. I learned a lot from him – but more in terms of being a good person. sharing. helping others.

All the families who invited me to their homes. I cannot count the times I have been invited for tea or lunch. I appreciate it so much, because they share everything they have. even if they possess almost nothing for themselves.

what also got stuck in my memory are the moments when the workers on the SHAMBAS shared their tea and some dry bread during their break with me…

David and his entire family in Mataara who were really my ‘knights in shining amour’. they gave me and my team shelter when we did not know where to go, so we could accomplish field work in the Aberdares… and honestly, we were treated like kings & queens! they are so warmhearted!!

the same is true for Ann’s family in Kinangop, where it really feels like coming home.

and the rangers of the National Parks, drivers, local field assistants, all the helping colleagues from the National Museum of Kenya, people I became friends with in Nairobi… and and and……….

I should stop right here.

I just wanna thank every single person who supports me and my work.