Dar es Salaam

Dar is quite exhausting.

it’s a huge city compared to Nairobi, covering an area of about 1600 sq km. for comparison – Nairobi covers about 700 sq km… but funnily both have the same estimated population of 3 million inhabitants.

but it’s easy to explain.

whereas Nairobi has rather large buildings and a lot of Western influence… Dar es Salaam has a ‘small African village’ atmosphere (except the city center) with many many many little houses next to each other…

I honestly would get lost easily in all these little streets where each corner looks alike…

what made it so exhausting were exactly those far distances we had to cover… looong journeys in the car together with traffic, tropical heat & tons of dust… all day long.

I enjoyed it a lot, anyway.

I like to get to know new places.

but most important – I was together with Bea, my friend and colleague. We spent a splendid time together… as friends and colleagues.

we were able to obtain our research permits, could apply for the residence permits and and and…

I am very much looking forward for a joined field work with her!