choosy stonechats?

… WHAT IF the female African Stonechat, Saxicola torquata axillaris, likes to have a mate which is closely resembling her father???

(it’s actually quite well known that in birds females usually choose their mates… and that they prefer characteristics of their own population to geographically more distant populations)

IF THIS is the case

what about stonechat populations of the same subspecies which breed six months apart from each other?? and then are much less likely to interbreed due to different breeding timing???

they may already look, behave and sing differently…

would a Tanzanian female which is breeding right now go for a Tanzanian male rather than a Kenyan stonechat which is reproductive in March??????

i would like to know that!!!


i brought many stuffed decoys with me…


Tanzania. Kenya. Europe.

and also Great Tits from Europe as a control.

And WHAT IF the female is that choosy? and really prefers her Tanzanian male???

Would this maybe… some day… lead to Speciation??? when a species splits into two????????

I am exploring such questions… mechanisms which lead to Biodiversity.