south pare mountains

most remarkable for the Pare Mountains?

stunning sunsets

tremendously beautiful people


the steepness of the hills.

to reach the territories of the stonechats was quite a hike… up and down… and another climb up & down and back up again… but i honestly really like such environments. what i have seen so far of the Eastern Arch Mountains is very beautiful!

… with one little exception.

the roads!

climbing up was an adventure. going down a nightmare!!!

‘sometimes i was not even sure if this really was still a road…’

some part of the road is so bumpy. even the spring of the landrover jumped out. Bea & Musa used all their strength to adjust it back to its original place…

heading back to the plains…

sliding down is the proper expression for it. there was just a short but quite heavy rain – this was enough to be scared… the wheels full of mud sometimes did not turn anymore for meters. going where ever and however they wanted… there is not even enough space for two cars to pass on this road. just the steep slope to the side. we were building stony streets with rocks. trying to push (knowing that we could actually do nothing about it). estimating where the car would come to a stop. analyzing the past slides….

and we succeed in the end… happily relieved.